Monday, 28 April 2014

THE VICARY MANSION, Freedom, Pennsylvania

Two brothers living in a big family in Wolborough, Devon in the 1750's. One, Moses goes on to found the Vicary mill and tannery in Newton Bushell, Devon.  The other, John, goes to sea and eventually becomes captain of his own ship.  During the War of American Independence he sailed two different privateers probably breaking the blockade the British Navy placed on the East Coast ports.  His last voyage was to the West Indies in 1783 in the ship 'Diligent' during which he dies in a place called Paimbouef, in Western France most likely.  John's son William also became a merchant sea captain and made several trips to China and the East Indies. After his sea days he settles down on land in Columbia PA and then along the Ohio river near Ambridge and Freedom.  It is in Freedom, Pennsylvania that he builds his mansion in 1826. 
It  is now a living museum for the Beaver County Historical Research and Landmarks Foundation .

The Captain William Vicary Mansion, Freedom, Pennsylvania

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