Saturday, 26 July 2014

I continue to add more Vickerys to my records.  Now up to 17100. Having completed the 1851 and 1861 census I am now starting on the 1841 census.  I have also been reconstructing Vickery family trees for two  villages in Somerset,  Seavington St Michael and Seavington St Mary.  If you have ancestors from either of these two places I would be pleased to hear from you.

The villages lie in a hollow within a larger area of low-lying hills and valleys running broadly east-west. A part of the South Petherton Hundred, originally the area included seven settlements (seven tons) which have gradually merged or vanished, but were the origin of the Seavington part of the village name. Even in the 20th century Seavington Abbots was recognised as a separate entity, although it is first recorded in 1030, when it was given by Canute to Athelney Abbey.

Seavington St Michael
The manor was held by Siward the falconer at the time of the Domesday Book in 1086. By 1252 to Adam the Dane then becoming known as Seavington Dennis. From 1483 to 1539 it was held by Glastonbury Abbey and after the dissolution of the monasteries passed to Winchester College, who held it until 1932.
Seavington St Michael, whilst the smaller of the two villages with 57 dwellings and 125 inhabitants, appears to have become the more important since the motor car forced the building of New Road to straighten the London to Exeter route early in the 20th century, thus by-passing Seavington St Mary. Since then, in 1988 the new Ilminster by-pass has taken away much traffic, although the road through Seavington St Michael is still a major access route to the market town of Ilminster.

Seavington St Mary
The manor was held by Alice Vaux around 1200 and was therefore known as Seavington Vaux. The earliest known windmill in Somerset, which was in the village, was given by Robert Vaux to Montacute Priory in 1212. In 1680 it passed to the Welmans of Pundisford (now known as Pitminster), and to the Vaughan Lees of Dillington in 1876.Since 2000 the village shop closed and plans have been developed for a community owned and run shop have been developed by the Seavington Community Shop and Services Association.

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